Hello, parents

Renee 233You’ve got a friend in me. I understand.

Here we are at “the family tree”. Just my mom and my family which now includes 4 sons in law and 4 grandchildren.

Parenting: immense love, followed shortly by overwhelming uncertainty. Overflowing joy, extreme frustration. I’ve felt them all. I welcome you to this no judgement zone of learning to raise children without losing your mind or going broke.

I got a phone call from a younger mom. She was hoping I could help her. “Trish, will you be my mentor? I want to kill my toddler.” I agreed in a heartbeat because I’ve been there. I talked to Mollie until her toddler was safe from her rage and we came up with some ideas to try. We had many meetings and phone calls over several years, then I officially graduated her to friend status. She still has all her children.

My parenting philosophy in two words is loving limits. My children need to know two things without a doubt:

  1. Mom/Dad loves me
  2. Mom/Dad is the boss

When a child knows she’s loved, and knows for certain that there’s someone providing for her needs, protecting her, teaching her and guiding her while showing her the big, wide world, a little at a time, she can thrive.

Where does money come into it? In a word, security. Just as loving limits gives a child security, so does financial stability. Not riches, but needs met. It’s even better if a child does not get everything he desires, but is sure of shelter, nutritious food and proper clothing. Why is it better not to give your child whatever he desires? Because working and praying for things is more valuable than having them handed to him. He will grow and develop in the wanting, waiting, asking, working and learning.

A degree in Early Childhood Education and classes in money management were helpful in raising my 10 children and living on one income, but you don’t have to go that far to get some help if you’re struggling. I can offer some advice here. Or maybe you are just looking for some company as you walk down the road of parenting on a shoestring. Either way, I’m glad to get to know you.

Please ask questions, start a discussion or otherwise chime in. I’m here with you.