Get More for Your Money, the book.

Get More for Your Money

Proven tips for thrift from a large, single income family.


Renee 115Getting more for your money is a way of thinking. This book will brainwash/ educate you about how to take your income and make it go further. After you read it, you will see advertisements and your skeptical inner voice will say “not true, that thing won’t make me happier, it will take my money and give it to you.”

I started a booklet, which turned into a book, to share ideas about saving money on all the things we spend on. All the while I was thinking “everybody knows this” or “this is just common sense.” But then I would run into another friend who didn’t know how to shop skillfully or bargain for better deals. So I kept writing.

When I started writing, everyone said you had to have two incomes to make ends meet. I didn’t believe it and wanted to tell people that it was a lie. I was living on one income with a large family. As an Early Childhood Education major, I knew that children are better off with consistent attachment to their parents. They are better off with second hand clothing, generic toothpaste and no-name tennis shoes while you consistently keep a roof over their heads and healthy food on their plates. Better to give them the priceless gift of time and attention instead of a bunch of shiny stuff.

So how does a woman with 5, 6, 7 and more children write a book? Fifteen minutes at a time, that’s how. I wrote a few paragraphs at nap time, scribbled down some ideas while homeschooling. It took years, but I got it done. Taking a while to write it was good, too. It meant that as I had more experiences and challenges as a thrifty mom of a small village, I knew what to share with you.

Get More for Your Money includes info on all types of money matters. It will teach you how to understand where your money is going and how to get better prices on all areas of spending. It focuses on grocery shopping because that is the monthly expense that is the most flexible. You can find hundreds of dollars a month by shopping more carefully for groceries. But that’s not all! I cover housing, utilities, food, clothing, entertainment and major purchases. All through the book you’ll find tips and ideas that my family has been living out for years. This isn’t just theory, it works!